Welcome Alumni!

There are many memories for us all as we think back on our years at NDSU and the Newman Center. Take a look at some of the highlights and maybe even find some old pictures of good times you had here...


Founded by Bishop Leo Dworschak - 1928


Click to Download - Pre 1958

Fr. Edward Arth: 1948-53



Fr. Durkin Years: 1957-65


Click here to Download - Fr. Durkin Years 1957-65

 Fr. Sherman Years


 Click here to download - Fr. Sherman Years 1965-75


Fr. David McCauley Years: 1975-81


Click here to download - Fr. McCauley Years 1975-81


Fr. Dale Kinzler Years: 1981-86



Click here to download - Fr. Kinzler Years 1981-86


Fr. Jerry Feltis Years: 1986-93


Click here to download -  Fr. Feltis Years 1986-93


Fr. Paul Duchschere Years: 1994-04


Click here to download -  Fr. Duchschere Years 1994-04


Fr. James Cheney Years: 2004-Present

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