Alumni Network

What is the Newman Alumni Board?

The purpose of the NAB (Newman Alumni Board) is to serve the greater spiritual and financial goals of St. Paul's Newman Center by:

  1. facilitating connections between alumni mentors and recent graduates who are nearby or (ideally) at the same parish. Recent graduates will have the option to have an initial meeting and follow up meetings as desired with their mentor.

  2. providing opportunities for finance and stewardship training through Financial Peace University classes or similar programs. These will be offered to primarily recent as well as all bisonCatholic alumni. The goal of this training is to help alumni bring stability to their finances and lay a foundation for lifelong stewardship.

  3. volunteering periodically, but not frequently, to volunteer at socials, fundraisers, or similar events for the benefit of the work at St. Paul's Newman Center

What is the bisonCatholic Alumni Network?

The purpose of the Alumni Network is to create a community for Newman Center Alumni which will facilitate connections between graduating seniors and established alumni mentors.

As students graduate, they leave Newman to start their life on their own and sometimes they just wander, without feeling connected to a parish or Catholic community. They need a community to foster their faith life and also learn the practicals of living/finances in their post-college years. The mission of the alumni network is to foster the fire for mission that was ignited during their college years at the Newman Center and connect graduating seniors who were part of the Newman Center to other Newman alumni. Members of the Newman Alumni Board will facilitate these connections through the Alumni Network.

Currently our goal is to establish connections in the Bismarck, Fargo, and Twin Cities areas, with the hope to expand even more!

Meet some of the board members!

 Thomas Eskro  Tim Olson  Rachel Gilbertson