Vocational Discernment

What is my vocation? This question is asked by everyone at some point their lives. Thanks to a Newman Center benefactor, we are able to assist students in their search for their vocation. Whether it is marriage, priesthood, religious life, or a single life of service/mission; we want to assist you in discerning God's call in your life. Sometimes discernment costs money, especially with travel. We can help.


Other Opportunities for your discernment:

GOING ON VOCATION - a discernment retreat for everyone!

December 14-16, 2018
Hankinson, ND

This retreat offers insights and testimonies from every vocational option, from priesthood and religious life, to marriage, family and the consecrated single life or single life of service.




Koinonia is a Greek work for “community” and first came to NDSU Newman Center in Spring 2014. The Koinonia retreat weekend is an experience for college students in the Christian community based on the Paschal mystery of the Lord Jesus, His Life, Death and Resurrection.

Each semester, 30-40 students participate in this retreat as first-timers, not including the 20 student team members who prepare and put on the retreat. The retreat has much to offer for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  Though the retreat is offered from a Catholic perspective, non-Catholics are welcome and encouraged to attend.

St. Paul's Newman Center offers this retreat once per semester - the next one is scheduled for November 2019

What others have said:

Molly Keister said, “There’s no sense of time the entire weekend. It’s freeing in a way that you don’t have the restraints of an agenda. You can really be in the moment.”

Retreatant: "I was able to grow in my faith and I have found the peace of mind that I have been searching for."

Registration for retreats will be open and announced at weekend Masses two weeks prior to the retreat. Cost is $40 (scholarships are available) - first come, first serve up to 40 retreatants.

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Spiritual Impact Bootcamp


Spiritual Impact Bootcamp retreats are put on by FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) each year

Along with an experience of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, this retreat will, by God's grace, help the participants to experience the spiritual "stirring" called for by Pope Benedict XVI

 "Let us never forget this, because the Spirit of the Lord always remembers every individual, and wishes, particularly through you young people, to 'stir up the wind and fire' of a new Pentecost in the world." ~Pope Benedict XVI

Sign up for a retreat HERE


Retreat Cost: $100

Contact Jonathon Spaid 763-202-9238 with any questions or for further details.


“SEARCH” is the formation of a Christian Community through a weekend experience technically referred to as “Search for Christian Maturity”. “SEARCHers” are youth, ages 16 years old and older, who have attended a weekend retreat experience and are members of the 'Search Community'.

SEARCH is a way to help you on your journey to discover God, yourself, and Christian community. Although the experiences of a SEARCH weekend are difficult to describe, the following paragraphs will give you a brief introduction to the program. This is a time to experience a loving, supportive community of young people who want to learn, and experience a closer relationship with God and with others. New SEARCHer application.
Besides sharing questions and new ideas, we have the opportunity to share Christ, prayer, friendships, fun, and song in a warm accepting atmosphere. Our celebration of the Eucharist on both Saturday and Sunday bring us to a greater understanding of what the liturgy means.

Learn more about SEARCH for Christian Maturity - Diocese of Fargo