Dan Neff

On a cold and windy January morning, I entered the doors of the Newman Center for the first time looking for the Adoration Chapel. Immediately, upon entering, I ran into a 5’4’’ spitfire, peer minister who asked if I wanted a tour. I did not know it at the time, but soon I came to realize that the entire building was almost always filled with Bison students, as well as the occasional Dragon from across the river. Newman is where I discovered that this place was a new student’s dream.

It was at Newman where I found warmth from all of the bisonCatholics, and it instantly became apparent that the Newman Center was a very welcoming community. It did not take long, and I mean within an hour of first being there, when I had met strangers who soon became friends. These are not the shallow type of friendships one might make at a party or at the dining center but virtuous and genuine ones that will hold me accountable and bring me closer to Christ. In the end, the Lord worked things out better than I could have imagined before and through the Newman Center I became a member of a community where I am no longer alone.