Matthew Donahue

While I slowly began to get more involved at the Newman Center my freshman year, I also opened myself up to discerning something God had placed on my heart years prior: the priesthood. When I first began to hear God calling me to consider the priesthood back in 8th grade, I definitely pushed back. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school when I began to actually consider the possibility.

When I returned to NDSU the following fall, I became a Lector and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. I also started a Bible study, signed up for an Adoration hour, and started going to daily Mass as often as I could. Through my greater involvement even more invitations popped up. Each new invitation brought with it amazing experiences, but each “yes” also required more commitment and even more courage.

Since then, I have been in active pursuit of applying to the Dominican Order. At this point, I am midway through the application process. If I am accepted, God willing, then I will begin by entering in the novitiate at the end of July this year. Each step has taken plenty of prayer, a healthy dose of trust, and great courage. But at the same time, each step has brought a deep peace to my heart.

Brother Michael Donahue was accepted into the Dominican order in August 2016 – we continue to keep him in our prayers as he continues his discernment.